tried finding some good vinyl today… confirmed my belief that the music scene in ottawa is so dead. we’ve apparently got a couple of punks and some indie lovers down the road. the best thing i found at vertigo records was a kraftwerk album. there was a bunch of funk and soul that might have been good if i had the patience and there wasn’t a 5 vinyl sampling limit policy… so fucking stupid. yawn


time to talk about sebastiAn… the tracks this french serb has been producing are fucking breathtaking!

high frequencies make your brains itch. crunched kicks pound your heart in and out of life. a twitchiness and disarray unsettles the soul. darkness and grit fused with violent metal chord hits and tension building orchestral sounds which are, to me, the real future of electronic music.

to quote a comment some girl left on ‘ross ross ross:’ “this song makes me feel all wet down there … lol pure eargasm!!!”

needless to say, this is the sound i aspire to in my music.

…listen away (or download it all)

sebastiAn – ross ross ross

sebastiAn – smoking kills


sebastiAn – sexual sportswear

sebastiAn – camera

sebastiAn – paris four hundred

sebastiAn – bossy

2 responses

  1. I did like camera, you were right. i also like the human after all remix.

    Wednesday, November 25, 2009 at 23:38

  2. paul

    sexual sportswear is the best. it was used by daft punk in their mix for the 2008 louis vuitton fashion show

    Thursday, November 26, 2009 at 04:22

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