new year’s mix

don’t be a loser during the final minutes of 2009!

throw this mix on at 11:27:45 pm on january 31 and enjoy the countdown to 2010!

took a hand at live mixing on this one (edited mistakes after.) i’ve got to say it turned out pretty damn well, and was super fun.

click the image to download.

track list:
ronald reagan – 1988 new year’s address
le knight club – santa claus
soulwax – hey boy, hey girl
sebastiAn – smoking kills
charlie – spacer woman
siriusmo – high together
louis la roche – missing you
rubix – baiser sur la disco
annie – the greatest hit
yelle – à cause des garçons
mr. oizo – smoking tape
alan braxe – addicted
the prodigy – invaders must die
uffie – mcs can kiss
breakbot – penelope pitstop
justice – one minute to midnight
ronald reagan – 1988 new year’s address
the beach boys – auld lang syne

and this mix should keep rest of the night fun

track list:
cassius – almost cut my hair
alan braxe – intro
daft punk – teachers
the prodigy – girls
surkin – next of kin
riot in belgium – la musique
thomas bangalter – club soda
sebastiAn – ross ross ross
les rythmes digitales – about funk
the proxy – raven
mr. oizo – positif
justice – nazis
hearts revolution – switchblade
m83 – run into flowers
daft punk – voyager

by paul

2 responses

  1. paul

    that last track is for you, chris

    Wednesday, December 30, 2009 at 05:33

  2. jb

    I enjoyed!

    for you:

    Friday, January 1, 2010 at 00:23

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