ancien justice + soulwax


before ‘never be alone’ was released in 2003, justice formed (connected by mutual friends) to release a track for a compilation album called Musclorvision: Hits Up To You! whose goal was to imitate the tracks submitted for the eurovision song contest

the track they submitted was called ‘sure you will’

interestingly enough, ‘never be alone’ was justice’s second track (ok, a simian remix, but remix proper) and it was submitted to eurovision in 2003. it didn’t make it very far. in fact, it essentially sat around on a couple of vinyls until ed banger’s pedro winter picked up the electro-rockstar duo in 2005 (based only on that one song)


i encourage everyone who listened to comment and say what they thought of it. i hated it at first, but now i really love it in a way. it’s very passionate.

note: gaspard also had a track on there under his ‘microloisir‘ name. it’s so horrible i’m not going to post it.

also, have a look at this video for soulwax’s ny excuse. a+ beautiful

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