digital: a love story

a very interesting and completely unique concept for a game/interactive story. digital: a love story appeals to the video gamer in me. the plot: it’s 1988, and you’ve just received your first computer: an ‘amie workbench.’ you begin browsing various local bbses and discover a lonely girl named emilie posting poetry… the story twists and turns from there.

it’s really sweet. some are even calling it the indie game of the year. it gives a very authentic feel of how internet’s earliest precursor was, and reminded me once again about how awe sticken we should all be by technology and the web. all in a little romantic scifi mystery game. my heart rate definitely spiked during the suspenseful moments. goes to show what excellent storytelling in a roleplaying setting like that can do. obviously, i recommend you give it a try. play for at least 20 minutes, and know that if you give up before then you’re a lazy fool.

download digital: a love story (windows, mac, linux)

it seems the creator has also used one of my songs as a soundtrack to game. in fact, it’s the first song i released as ninetales, written one cold and rainy october night a year and a bit ago. it’s pretty unpolished, which i truly regret.

download it anyway

p.s. presently suffering from writer’s block. can’t stand it. does justice have to own the slap bass? can i use a little slap bass? how can i make this track more interesting? by erasing it and starting over!

by paul

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