very practical indeed

While on the stream of things political and military…


Just ordered a bundle of books, including Coup d’État: A Practical Handbook and can’t wait for it to arrive. From what I gather it’s a sort of comprehensive analysis of various coups through history, successful and less so. However through its structure it outlines nicely how one might stage their own coup. Not that those ever happen these days, right?

It was published by Edward Luttwak in 1968. Luttwak is a senior analyst at the Centre for Strategic & International Studies, a think tank which strikes me as being full of organic intellectuals, essentially a kind of thought control for budding politicians and political thinkers. Don’t let that stop you from reading their work, though.

But back to Coup d’État. From chapter five, on stabilizing the masses:

Our first objective will be achieved by conveying the reality and strength of the coup instead of trying to justify it… One of the major obstacles to active resistance will be the caft that we have fragmented the opposition so that each individual opponent would have to operate in isolation… In these circumstances the news of any further resistance against us would act as a powerful stimulant to further resistance by breaking down this feeling of isolation. We must therefore make every effort to withhold such news. If there is in fact some resistance and if its intensity and locale are such as to make it difficult to conceal from particular segments of the public, we should admit its existence; but we should strongly emphasize that it is isolated, the product of the obstinancy of a few misguided or dishonest individuals who are not affiliated to any party or group of significant membership.

Also, have a close look at the CIA’s proposed PR campaigns for gathering support for the war in Afghanistan in France and Germany, Why Counting on Apathy Might not be Enough.

Courtesy of Wikileaks: This classified CIA analysis from March, outlines possible PR-strategies to shore up public support in Germany and France for a continued war in Afghanistan. After the dutch government fell on the issue of dutch troops in Afghanistan last month, the CIA became worried that similar events could happen in the countries that post the third and fourth largest troop contingents to the ISAF-mission. The proposed PR strategies focus on pressure points that have been identified within these countries. For France it is the sympathy of the public for Afghan refugees and women. For Germany it is the fear of the consequences of defeat (drugs, more refugees, terrorism) as well as for Germany’s standing in the NATO. The memo is an recipe for the targeted manipulation of public opinion in two NATO ally countries, written by the CIA.

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