roids, all the rage

to continue Chris’ polaroid tangent, here are some I’ve made since April. I think they’re interesting because of the slowness involved in making them. They’re not snapshots nor entirely posed. For one, I always try to take my time with pictures, snapshots included. The kit I’m using also slows me down…no light meter, guessing exposures, etc. Lastly, instant film is expensive so a wasted sheet is disappointing (the price to pay for instant validation). I had to order the chocolate toned film from Europe, and the colour stuff was a couple years expired, hence the weird colour shifts.

Since instant sheet film isn’t reproducible, each picture becomes a little precious object to be held and stored; this subverts the traditional film negative or digital photo as an infinitely reproducible object and places emphasis on the object itself (the print, with its cracked emulsion, perhaps bent edges and buckled surface) rather than the photograph.

On a technical note, I use a hasselblad with polaroid back (which doesn’t shoot the entire 3×4 frame of the film). Fuji continues to make instant film in 10-packs for Land-type cameras. Polaroid is resurrecting its instant film too with Lady Gaga at the helm.

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