fall picnic

categorized without a name, i had forgotten about this mix.

it’s chopped into individual tracks and will be easier to follow. click the image to download.

a relaxed fall mix. a fall picnic!

air france – hold on to me, baby
heartsrevolution – 薔薇と彼女の王子
jackson and his computer band – utopia
digitalism – echoes (siriusmo remix)
yuksek – i like to play
palermo disko machine – vesuvia
klaxons – gravity’s rainbow (soulwax remix/ninetales chamber edit)
the rakes – we danced together (sebastiAn remix)
air – so light is her footfall (breakbot remix)
mr. flash – dirty bossa nova
sebastien tellier et mr. oizo – plug it
mr. oizo – patrick 122
saint etienne – nothing can stop us
tanlines – new flowers
baths – maximalist
the books – the future, wouldn’t that be nice?
beach fossils – daydream
jackson c. frank – dialogue

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