not far afield

Just completed the posters for my first solo show being held at Galerie Nota Bene in Montreal. The project is the culmination of my shooting over the past two years, featuring photos shot in Montreal, Prague, Ottawa, Vancouver and Tunis. However, the work that I’ll be showing doesn’t call attention to the particular city that each photo was shot in, but rather to what living in a city, any city, actually feels like. Here’s an abridged look at my artist statement:

The city is a locus for the reproduction of the human image in all its forms; at every corner is a monument to humanity’s quest to outlast our bodies. Evidence of this is in every street, park, building, and marketplace. Despite our efforts, in every corner there is also evidence of erosion. In this series I work to call attention to the impermanence of the human image to reveal the fleeting nature of our own existence.

If you’re in the Montreal area between January 30 and February 18 you should check it out, and come to the vernissage if you can. I’m very excited to share this work, hope to see you all there.


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  1. Anonymous

    Well done Chris. Bette and I had dinner with your Mom and Dad last night and they told us about your show. We will try and come and see it. Have a great Christmas in the desert. Uncle John

    Wednesday, December 14, 2011 at 10:26

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